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sweet_ariel's Journal

Ariel =^-^= Miss. Kitty to you
12 July
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Original_icons contests I have won.

Friends views on me!

Jenna (jettaprincess) - Jenna's kitten

Jess (fatedlove_siren) - The sweetest kitty in the known universe, whom Jess adores above all others. Also, cute as a freaking button. :)

Kasha (x_porthos_x) - Miss Personality

Ashley (faerieangelic) - Nire is the bestest person to talk to!! Shes not just cool, shes Supa Cool!! and she kinda looks like my cousin!

Morgan (ieuandavisjones) - Sweetness and light -- and always a pleasure to RP with.

Eric (face_of_angel) - Um everyone kinda took the things I wanted to say :(. So What do I say. I say Nire is a sweet heart, a friend whom is aways there to help out her fellow friends even when she is in sad moment she puts her friends first. Kind hearted to Everyone she meets and likes you for who you are. She is always able to turn that frown :( upside down :). Full a Charisma and Personality she can always make you laugh and cheer you up. And If it wasn't for Nire I won't be catching myself watching Passions from Time to time... With Timmy still Stuck in the well.

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